Chapter 39 - Page 7

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Reply Sol, 04 Jan 2015

I have a lot to say about this Chapter, but I'll wait until near the end of it before I say it. But, writing this chapter was a surreal experience for me.

We're starting to get into the chapters where I know what I wanted to happen in the chapter, but not the how, and I just kind of "let it flow" when writing it. The end result wasn't what I expected, but at the same time, I feel like it's one of my best chapters I've written.

Oh, and to give a better description of what Siska means by her "blanking" on the subject... well, you know how you fully intend to do something, perhaps while multi-tasking something or you intend to tell someone something while you're talking to them about a few things, and then you totally forget? (or is that just me?) Yeah, that's what happened to Siska.

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