100 Comics Celebration!

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Reply Sol, 13 Aug 2007

100 Comics! Woo! Although I'm probably the only one who actually cares <.<. Yeah, as you can tell, this page has a bit of a double meaning with the end there.

I mean, who cares about Aven's screen time <.<.

And who cares about us now reaching a respectable archive of 100 comics? Anyone? Or is it just me?

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Reply K.K., 13 Aug 2007

I haven't drawn him in so long, I don't even remember how to do his hair right...

Also, I take this opportunity of a "non-storyline" comic to play around with experimental art. Or I was too lazy to color him in right, whichever...

Reply Sol, 15 Aug 2007

I'm going to take this moment to explain something that I don't really deem that important at this stage.

Celene mentioned the Origin, Anubis, in an earlier comic. The Origins created the world, and there are four of them. Aven was the last surviving Origin, before Shutendoji killed him.

So, Lone is Aven's successor just as Kratos is Anubis' successor.

Some might say that this should be explained in the comic, but I really want to explain the entire Origin Story all at once, and when showing its details won't take away from the flow and won't give away spoilers. The tale of the Four Origins, and the origins of the War between Heaven and Hell, will be told after Part 3.

Celestia was another Origin, Celene mentioned her once.

Knowing about the Four Origins at this stage is not really necessary, as their role in the story doesn't REALLY come into effect until Part 4. It might help you understand the references to them a bit better, though.

If people would like, I could make a "Celene Explains" filler comic after this Chapter, explaining a bit about the basic information about the Origins. However, I will only do this if people request it.

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Reply amjam, 15 Aug 2007

Wheee! Yay! And it's my favorite Sasuke clone! (Seriously, he had Sasuke hair in an early page or two)
Aven rocks... You're right, he needs more screentime. Also, a "Celene Explains" would be cool, but only if you guys are up to it.

Reply Sol, 15 Aug 2007

It's nice to be able to ask a question and get a response <.<. Yay!

OK, I don't see any harm in producing it. I don't want another filler to ruin the flow of this chapter though, so I'll run it after this chapter, as I said before.

As for Aven... well, it's hard to give screen time to a dead guy. Although he WILL have plenty of screen time when I show the Origins story in its entirety.

Reply jaffar255, 15 Aug 2007

Sol!! Glad I caught'cha! If you want to have Loneswordsmen on CBC forums and site you need to go and post entries in the "Hiring season" topic!

Hurry before it ends.

Reply Vye Brante, 16 Aug 2007

Congrats! Yes, reaching 100 Comics is a feat. At least you didn't quit. Some comics reach like 20 pages and then the artist/author loses interest and stops updating. At least that's what it seems like. Maybe I'm off base.

I'll comment in more detail about my thoughts later when I have more time, but overall, you're doing well so far! Keep up the great work you two!

Reply Sol, 16 Aug 2007

Haha, you've been saying that for the past few days. I have a feeling I'm going to get one of Vye's long winded comments that she usually does on her comics sometimes :P.

Reply amjam, 16 Aug 2007

Lalalalala... *cough* I have no idea who Vye's referring to when she mentions authors who give up early. I certainly don't know anyone like that. *shifty eyes*

Reply K.K., 19 Aug 2007

God, n00bs... it's not "Sasuke" hair...

His hair is obviously cloned from Balmung of .hack fame. It's flared to the side, not to the back, like Sasuke's is.

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