Chapter 4 - Page 15

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Reply Sol, 20 Aug 2007

Cliffhanger! This page isn't anything fancy, but it's one of the few pages where I've truly left the readers on a cliffhanger.

Just what IS about to go horribly wrong?

And now... Con Talk!

So, I'm back from Anime Evolution. For those interested, I cosplayed as Dr.Iwata of Excel Saga (manga) fame. I even did an interview, if it shows up on the net somewhere, I'll post a link.

There was a lot of good panels for me this year. Including a bunch on webcomics. Not to mention VG Cats creator, Scott Ramsoomair, was doing a panel too. So, I learned a few things.

Also, while I was at the Con, I developed yet another Manga Concept called "Goddess Shariah", which is an Action/Romance story. It's actually the first Romance story that I've wrote from scratch, and is also the first story I've written that featured a main heroine character. If people want to know more about the story, I may be willing to share. I'm quite liking how it's turning out, I've already developed a large part of it in my head.

My current plan for that project though is to write it as a 3 Volume (480 pages in total) Manga series and submit it to Tokyo Pop to try and get my foot in the door there to try and become a Manga Writer.

Anyways! Be grateful I didn't have this cliffhanger on Friday, as it would have been if it weren't for the 100 Comic Special. Because then you'd have to wait one extra day to see what's going to happen.

Feel free to discuss things with me. And if you're a person I met at the Con checking out my comic, welcome to you, and I hope you enjoy The Lone Swordsman.

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Reply K.K., 20 Aug 2007

My god, man... you come up with SO many different ideas for stories, how about, ya know, learning to draw???

Also, more than one person congratulated me on hitting 100 comics. Surprising, seeing as I didn't know that anybody who knew me personally bothered to read this... well, thanks? I guess?

Ugh, not much to say. I don't feel much like drawing recently... listless. Plus, I fragged up my hand somehow (probably all that writing I did on my exam) so holding a pen (even a tablet pen) kinda sends pain up my thumb...

Reply Sol, 20 Aug 2007

Yeah, I REALLY want to be able to draw. I'm going to try and learn. But it's easier said than done. It takes YEARS of practice, and I'm 20, I work full time and there are no artists in my family.

Reply K.K., 20 Aug 2007

XD It's true, learning drawing can be a pain... some of my old drawings look pretty fugly (though I'd like to think I've had a modicum of talent since grade 1, when I wrote/illustrated my first book at the behest of my teacher - ahh, Super Rex, you could crush some skull)

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Reply jaffar255, 20 Aug 2007

Nice page guys!

Oh and Sol, I've actually been considering drawing lunar and blood for you but right now I'm just having to get used to drawing manga-ish. I'll show you my manga work later.

Reply Sol, 20 Aug 2007

Oh, that's cool. If you have trouble with Lunar and Blood though, I have other projects as well that you might be interested in.

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