Chapter 4 - Page 16

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Reply Sol, 20 Aug 2007

The Road of Blood So, this particular page is where the title of the Chapter comes in. I HAD written in the buildings to be drawn in the storyboards as well, but it looks like K.K. got lazy with the background. Oh well.

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Reply K.K., 20 Aug 2007

So many complaints...Was he supposed to be running at buildings? There's no way that was in the storyboards, or I woulda drawn some buildings.

Besides, you complain, but figuring out a way to make him running through ankle-deep blood when all you can see is his back wasn't exactly a barrel of fun... At least I remembered Sypher was back there (yeah, that was definitely on the storyboard)

Reply Sol, 20 Aug 2007

Did I forget that? Oops. We all make mistakes. I guess I figured it was assumed? I apologize for that.

And no, the buildings were beside him. Anyways, it doesn't really matter.

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Reply jaffar255, 22 Aug 2007

Gross...but cool.

Considering I'm listening to Ventura Highway by America, this really makes me wonder =O

Reply K.K., 23 Aug 2007

And this stuff is rated PG-13...

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