Chapter 4 - Page 17

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Reply Sol, 20 Aug 2007

Uh Oh! Lone is knocked unconscious by a sleeping dart fired by someone. Anyone want to take a guess at who shot him?

This is another bit of a cliffhanger. What's going to happen next? Sorry! You'll have to wait until Monday for that.

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Reply K.K., 20 Aug 2007

I know Sypher is supposed to be fully drawn, but I'm sick of drawing that you all get his hand shaking them.

By the way, this is the first time in like what... 20 comics... that I actually drew Lone's face. He's prolly too good looking for somebody that scarred. I remembered his eyeblack! I usually forget, but it makes him more emo than normal...

I really like this page... who knows why. The past few weren't too bad to draw since they were one panel pages (one panel takes half the length of 2 panel, and 1/3 the length of 3, if you can believe it)

Is Part one SERIOUSLY gonna take till 2008? Jeez... so long... I think Sol said he has 6 parts too... *gurgle*

The fact that I'm trying to do a double major at school isn't going to help matters either ^^"

Ah well. If you're on the Smack Jeeves site, check out that I FINALLY bothered to add some "favorites" other than this comic (also, note that they are primarily Black and White - Sol insists on color, but I actually love how black and white looks) - I'll (eventually) look for more to fave, but for now, those are probably enough.

Hm, that's more writing than I've done in a while... yet I haven't had a poignant and useless rant a while... Ah, I'll think of something later. More anime-marathoning for me.

Reply Sol, 20 Aug 2007

I've become more inclined towards B&W myself, mainly because it's easier and a lot less expensive to produce in book format.

However, we've been doing this in colour for so long that it would feel wrong to switch to B&W, I feel.

Reply K.K., 20 Aug 2007

I'm not gonna argue with that, cuz it's prolly true

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Reply jaffar255, 24 Aug 2007

Nice job, I think drawing Sypher really wasn't needed in this page so it doesn't matter K.K. =)

I'm wondering who shot it...

Reply Sol, 24 Aug 2007

Pssh I just looked at my Storyboard for Chapter 4 - Page 16. I DID write Sypher on Lone's back.

Pssh, don't go accusing me of things like that, K.K.

Although admittedly, I guess I didn't describe the background well enough in the storyboards for the next pages. Hopefully you can still fix them.

Reply K.K., 24 Aug 2007

I think you need to read my comment for page 16 - I pointed out that that was the ONE thing on the storyboard~

Reply Sol, 24 Aug 2007

Oh. It sounded like it was sarcastic.

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