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Reply Sol, 24 Aug 2007

If you're wondering why Lone said "Is that you, Sypher?" when Sypher already pretty much said it was him, it's because Lone is disoriented. And he shut his eyes as well, so he's not looking at him.

And ZOMG, it's food! Don't see that too often... I edited out the scene where he eats though... kind of pointless.

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Reply K.K., 28 Aug 2007

Speedy Gonzalez says "You must draw faster, Andale Andale Ariba"

I crush that freaking Mouse under my tablet. How dare he mock my spanish heritage?!


This all has nothing to do with anything

Reply Sol, 29 Aug 2007

You have spanish heritage?

Something slightly random, and yet not. A friend of mine and a fan of the comic (Deaths Serenity) once asked me what a TLS TCG would look like. It got me thinking, and I actually developed a rule set for what it would be like. I'm actually quite fond of it. I don't really have the resources to actually make it though, unfortunately, nor the fan base.

Reply K.K., 29 Aug 2007

Haha, well, you know what my name is, you tell me if it sounds sorta spanish

Anyways, I'm more spanish than I am argentinian, if that helps~

Reply K.K., 30 Aug 2007

AIR Episode 1 For those of you who have never seen it, one of my favorite series is now being sold by ADV - the first dubbed ep is available for streaming here. It's only for a short time, so give it a watch quick, the dubbing wasn't an epic fail like I was expecting.

*Edit: For those who are wondering where the voice actors are from, they're some of my faves - the guy plays Ed Elric from FMA, the first main girl is played by Hyatt from Excel Saga, her mom is Wrath from FMA, another one of the girls is Roppumatsu from Excel Saga, and even the puppy is Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion~

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Reply amjam, 31 Aug 2007

Yess! I love AIR! :3 I'm not very far on it, however, but my friend got me into it and it's a great show.

Yay! Now a backview of Lone.
-imitating Sypher- (By the way, I named my Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald Sipher last year. Sypher's name struck me as familiar and I just realized that was the cause.)
"But Master, what do you mean? I don't see any blood."

Reply Sol, 31 Aug 2007

Haha, that's funny. It actually took me quite awhile to come up with Sypher's name. Then it just struck me one day. That tends to happen a lot with me.

If I recall, in DP there's a company called Sipher as well.

Reply amjam, 31 Aug 2007

Hmm... Probably. How odd. I guess it's a highly compatible name. I haven't done much with my Pearl except train my Pokemon... I liked the series more when the anime was good (speaking sub and dub) and I knew all the names. @_@

Reply Sol, 31 Aug 2007

I'm still attached to the original 151.

Was the anime ever good? It was fairly repetitive. Every episode Team Rocket would try to steal Pikachu and fail. Only real reason why I watched it was because I liked watching the Gym battles, and that didn't happen too often. ALthough I did like the Pokemon League Tournament arc.

Another thing that I found annoying is that whenever Ash obtained a powerful Pokemon, he would release it.

Reply amjam, 31 Aug 2007

I loved it up until the Johto/MQ arc in the anime, aka the Gold and Silver games. Then I think it kind of deteriorated...
The mangas are okay, but there're so many series and I can never find them at the bookstore so it gets a bit confusing.

Reply Sol, 31 Aug 2007

Anyone ever notice how we're one of the few webcomics on here that actually updates on a regular schedule? It seems like everyone else just updates whenever they feel like it.

Reply Death's Subordinate, 31 Aug 2007

Actually the pokemon company was "Chipher". They were the bad guys of my favorite pokemon game, Coliseum. Awesome game.

This is a pretty cool page too! Weird and cool.

Reply Sol, 31 Aug 2007

That had my favourite pokemon character ever in it. He was a total bad ass.

But no, I remember from playing Pokemon Battle Revolution that there was a company called Sipher... because I'm fairly certain I recieved an item that said it was made by Sipher Co. I'm not 100% certain though.

Reply Pocket, 31 Aug 2007

i was just wondering, what paint program do you guys use?

Reply Sol, 31 Aug 2007

I believe K.K. uses Adobe Photoshop CS2. Unless he upgraded to CS3.

Reply K.K., 31 Aug 2007

It took me a good few months to learn CS2, so no, I'm not upgrading to CS3 anytime soon.

Pokemon got boring cuz Team Rocket refused to die. "Team Rocket? Team Rocket can suck on mah balls" (I hope you guys get the reference, hehe)

Reply amjam, 31 Aug 2007

Ooh! Yeah, I usually use OpenCanvas 3.3 or something, but I also have Photoshop Elements and some form of Corel.. ~.~ I still find OC to be the most me-compatible. Although, the monitor to computer I do my art on has a really dark resolution even on highest, so I have to draw things even darker so it'll look right on a normal screen.

Reply Pocket, 31 Aug 2007

i'm stuck with GIMP for now, but soon i'm gonna get photoshop along with a tablet^-^

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 31 Aug 2007

Hi there! I just wanna say that your comic is SO awesome. I love it! Hope it gets better soon!

More power to you guys! :D

Reply Sol, 31 Aug 2007

Yay! New fan!

Glad you enjoy it, and yes, it will get better. Believe it or not, but Part 1 is actually my least favorite part XD. TLS is a story that gets better as it goes on.

We've gained two new female fans recently, after showing Lone topless. I wonder if that's related...

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 01 Sep 2007

To Sol Uhmmm.... no? .w.

I just LOVE your storyline, that's what. And I do hope your artwork can get better. *gives ya a thumbs up* :D

Reply Vye Brante, 01 Sep 2007

Okay, review time. I read this some time ago, and just caught up again. Time for me to (finally) say what I think.

The idea of the story is very good. I like that the sword gives him the power but is also making him go insane. The consequences of power and whatnot. I liked when he got the sword, how he had to choose between life and insanity. Quite a choice.

The art is good. Not perfect, but getting better. At first I thought it was annoying that all the demons look the same, but then I decided that it helped identify them so it wasn't all bad.

The story, although is a good idea, could flow a bit better. It relies on Lone's narration a little too much to tell the story. His thoughts and narration are moving the story along a little too fast for my tastes. You don't really get to experience anything with Lone. You just see what he sees and his explanation. Doesn't give much room for the reader to think for themselves which I think is important to really enjoy the story.

For example. When he came to that road of bload, you see him running on it and he explains that he found a road of blood and it bothered him but he kept going. You don't get to see his reaction when he first saw it. The only reason we know it affected him was because he said so. Some things like that can be explained without words.

There are things to work on, which I think is true for any comic, so I hope this doesn't seem like a bad review. You guys are doing well. It's an interesting story that makes readers really want things to work out, but it doesn't look like it will anytime soon so our heart goes out to the main character. (If that makes sense.) So keep up the great work!

Reply Sol, 01 Sep 2007

@ Witch Girl

It was a bit of a joke, I wasn't being serious. Glad you're enjoying it.

@ Vye

I admit, there are a lot of things that I wish I COULD show (like Lone's expression at the Road of Blood), but I admittedly cut out because I felt it would waste a page. This chapter is 50 pages long already. Also, I don't really think I'm going that fast... Part 1 is 180 Pages, including the Prologue, and there are 6 Parts.

Plus, I don't really like Part 1 XD. So,the shorter I can make Part 1, the better. 180 pages ended up being a lot longer than I originally planned.

Part 2 will actually step back from the action a bit (there will still be action though), and focuses on character development. It will also feature a lot more characters. So, yeah, I admit we don't know a lot about Lone right now, but that will change in Part 2.

Also another reason why you may get the whole "see what he sees" bit is because when I originally wrote Part 1, in non-comic form, it was written in first person. Actually, Part 1 was as far as I got when writing the story originally (well, I got slightly into Part 2, but not too much), so that will probably end up changing in Part 2.

Basically, my common theme of this little blog is "Wait for Part 2! Everything is better in Part 2!" <.<.

I do appreciate the review though.

Reply jaffar255, 01 Sep 2007

K.K. said "Pokemon got boring cuz Team Rocket refused to die. "Team Rocket? Team Rocket can suck on mah balls" (I hope you guys get the reference, hehe)"

"Magikarp use hyper beam! What the fuck you mean you don't know hyper beam? Aw just use splash attack." XD

Reply K.K., 01 Sep 2007

Go, Ditto! Transform! Oh Shi-

Reply K.K., 01 Sep 2007

Thanks for saying the art is getting better. It's nice to know that actually drawing all the time makes it... improve somewhat (New Avatar, it's interesting to see how different it looks from my old one - By the way, I know I'm wearing the same thing Sol is in the avatar, but that's cuz I actually wear that outfit often. Not sure if Sol owns it too, but if he does, good for him, cuz it's wicked cool)

The art, I don't know if it will get a whole lot better or worse... it's more or less settled on this because I can blaze through pages of comics while doing my Accounting homework... improvements would probably result in each page taking like 3 or 4 hours again...

Reply Sol, 02 Sep 2007

Woah, wicked cool new avatar.

Reply K.K., 02 Sep 2007

Gao, you would not believe how f'ing long it took to make it...

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 08 Jul 2008

I called my Rayquaza Slypher.


But that was from Yu-Gi-Oh!...

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