Chapter 41 - Page 14

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Reply K.K., 21 Jun 2015

RETCON ALERT So I screwed up a while back with the location of Saizo's perch (put him in the clocktower, Sol wanted him in an apartment). I've been leaving it alone for a while, but it seems that it'd be better for the storyline flow if he was in an apartment, so the past few pages have been retcon'd to reflect our new timeline.

Saizo's apartment is a corner loft with unpainted walls (he's just broken in, it's not like he's paying rent or anything). So, big windows facing towards the Ren complex (the way I draw it, that'd be to the front and to the left from where Saizo's standing). Behind him is a door, and probably furniture of some sort to the right (we haven't seen it yet from the angles, but maybe it'll be important coming up). Might just have the apartment being empty, that might work too. Hardwood floor panels.

Sol wanted them on the roof of an apartment complex, rather than inside an apartment, though, so I may have to re-retcon a whole bunch of stuff again coming up XD

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