Chapter 4 - Page 21

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Reply Sol, 28 Aug 2007

Figured it out yet? *smirks*

Also, that "SHOCK!" made me laugh XD.

Heh, Amjam realized the truth about the hands. I'm impressed, good work.

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Reply K.K., 28 Aug 2007

That's cuz both you and I think "PEDRO" when we see "Shock!"

I think maybe 2 people reading this comic understand what the hell I mean, but at least you get it, Sol, hahaha

Reply Sol, 28 Aug 2007

"My tears, they are flowing like waterfalls!"

User's Comments:

Reply K.K., 03 Sep 2007

Haha, I finally made a new avatar, and was gonna send it to Sol so he could put it on our old site, but I notice now that the URL just links us to this site. So sad, I'm really unobservant.

You know, at first, I was iffy about this drawing, but it's really growing on me. It looks quite awesome the more I look at it... XD

I saw a Gantz perfect thinpack collection. Oh god, I want that collection... (GOTTA FOCUS, ONLY 63 EPS OF MONSTER TO GO!)

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 03 Sep 2007

:> Whoa... now that was unexpected. GAH! Shock indeed! :O

Hmmm... I think the last panel needs improvement. ^^; SORRY! I'm just saying what I'm seeing! *gets shot*

Reply amjam, 03 Sep 2007

Predictable much? :) Haha. Never underestimate the powers of a writer! >D Yeah, I caught that one.

NOW. Because everyone's talking about the art and the comic and such:
The art looks okay. Don't worry, with all the practice from drawing a webcomic, you'll be able to develop your style and get better and better and better, so I'm not going to go through everything done right and wrong that I can see.
What I would suggest on one thing that looks out of place every time I see it... The dark shadows under his eyes look more like makeup... I'd suggest maybe using the burn tool on a high intensity instead of the airbrush in black. It might look a little more natural...

Omg, a Gantz collection? I WANT. -clings to your leg- I think I saw some discount Gantz on Rightstuf the other day, but I was too tired to check properly... Maaah! I only got to about episode 7, then I realized that I shouldn't be watching it with my younger brother and sister around (not to mention the fact that I'M way too young to watch it, like I care) so I'm itching to continue the series. XD

Reply Death's Subordinate, 03 Sep 2007

I agree with amjam, the art is definately good but there is a few things that every time I see them, it just irks me.

Amjam's point about the black shadows underneath Lone's is something I agree with.

One thing though K.K., I love your shading style. It works very well!

Reply K.K., 03 Sep 2007

Uh... it is black makeup. Really. I dunno why Sol wanted it like that, but Lone is an Emo-goth, so what are you gonna do...

Reply Sol, 03 Sep 2007

O.o. What gave you that idea? It's dark lines under his eyes from lack of sleep.

EDIT: New avatar for me, too. Thanks, K.K.

Reply K.K., 04 Sep 2007

it was dark lines from lack of sleep?

Huh... go figure. Well, if you guys want me to change it, maybe I will for part 2

Reply Sol, 04 Sep 2007

Yay! We gained a new female fan. Although this one seems to be quiet. Thanks for the fav!

I believe the vast majority of our fans are female now... wasn't expecting that, to be honest. Yay for fangirls! <.<.

Reply amjam, 04 Sep 2007

Whoo, fangirls!

Well, maybe despite the fact that there are more males than females overall, more females choose to spend their time carousing about on webcomic and anime websites, or more females enjoy fantasy/medieval magical genre of stories.
After all, I'm a prime example. I love anime and manga, am a hyper fangirl, and all of my Tamora Pierce books have worn covers! Well, other books too but I was just using a popular "knights and magic things" example. X3

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