Chapter 4 - Page 22

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Reply Sol, 28 Aug 2007

If you didn't figure it out last page, I kind of expect you to figure it out by now. If you still don't know what's going on, it will be fully explained next page.

Remember how I said the field of blood was important?

I admit, the Hands of Blood was a bit more predictable, but I don't believe the Road of Blood and the Field of Blood were.

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Reply K.K., 28 Aug 2007

Did you know?

In this scene, Sypher's body looks like a lego person - it's a block, but it's all hidden behind Lone's hands!

THE MORE YOU KNOW *rainbow twinkle*

User's Comments:

Reply Sol, 31 Aug 2007

Personally, I think Sypher looks too happy with the situation O.o.

Reply K.K., 31 Aug 2007

I merely draw what the storyboards are implying...

No actually, that Sypher is the same Sypher from the page before, so I just doodled a different expression on the face for y'all

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 05 Sep 2007

:O I kinda like the way you drew the hands. x3

Gee, it really makes me wonder what happened to all the blood... :O

Reply amjam, 05 Sep 2007

Ohmygosh. Legos for the win.

I usually just color the parts you can see... XD

Reply Pocket, 05 Sep 2007

I thought Sypher looked similar from the last page :P

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