Chapter 4 - Page 23

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Reply Sol, 28 Aug 2007

ZOMG PLOT TWIST! Yeah, I expect most people figured out this plot twist the last couple of pages. But before that, did you realize that what Lone was seeing were just hallucinations? (meaning when you first saw the field of blood and the road of blood. The hands were a bit more obvious.) This is fairly minor as far as plot twists go. I have WAY bigger ones than this, heh heh.

I had one person comment to me awhile back, saying how Lone didn't seem that insane yet. Well, guess what. He's really starting to lose it now. He's starting to see blood everywhere.

Also, another purpose to this page, besides explaining the plot twist in it's entirety, was to explain the different symbolisms.

Also, Lone's arms are freaky in this page because he's shaking.

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Reply K.K., 28 Aug 2007

I can't draw shaking... so sue me.

The next few pages? Awesomeness. Why? A certain demon is appearing soon - a demon dripping with utter coolness.

I really have nothing else to say. I'm back at school now, so... cry, less time to do other fun stuff

Reply Sol, 31 Aug 2007

Our one year anniversary is coming up on the 9th. I'll be posting a bonus comic on that day that K.K. made awhile back. We'll still have our regular comics though for the rest of the week, so don't worry about that.

Although I do warn, it has slightly dirty humor. (no dirty images though) But it made me laugh XD.

Reply K.K., 31 Aug 2007

The comic was just SCREAMING to be drawn...

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Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 07 Sep 2007

=O A plot twist indeed alright! What's gonna happen to Lone?! ;~;

Hmmm... uhm, another suggestion, if I may? I think you should do some better coloring in Lone's neck. ^^; *gets shot by one of you*

Reply Death's Subordinate, 07 Sep 2007

Sweet page. Can't wait for the the year annieversery thingie.

Can I make fanart for the 1 year anneversery to be posted?

Reply Sol, 07 Sep 2007

I'd be honoured!

Just e-mail it to

Reply K.K., 08 Sep 2007

gahaha, so many complaints by the same people. If you wanna draw it, be my guest.

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