Chapter 41 - Page 27

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Reply K.K., 21 Jul 2015

His eyes are brown again.

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Reply Sol, 22 Jul 2015

The last page was a callback to when Kai, Kat and Saizo first met. In the original dialogue, Saizo said "Sins can never be forgotten" to which Kai replied "But I believe they can be forgiven."

Saizo never believed those words, as he carried around his own guilt, guilt at the things he did and feeling guilty that he had been the one to survive instead of his brother, which caused him to pretend to be Si instead.

To hear Kat forgive him, even if he did end up killing her, proved to be a major shock to his system. He never imagined anyone would or could forgive him. So Kai, who had been listening in to the tail end, quoted back to Saizo the same words that Saizo once spoke, to which Saizo questioned if they really COULD be forgiven.

Kat's final words proved the tipping point, alleviating the darkness around Saizo's heart at last.

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