One Year Anniversary

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Reply Sol, 31 Aug 2007

Here's To Another! Wow, it's already been a year since we started producing TLS. It went by fairly quickly for me. Maybe because a lot went on with my life, including the start of my career.

I take no credit for this comic. K.K. made it at random awhile back, and it made me laugh. So, I've been saving it to release as a bonus comic for our one year anniversary.

It has a bit of dirty humor, but most people have dirty minds XD.

We continue with our regular update schedule tomorrow.

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Reply K.K., 01 Sep 2007

To those of you who have been complaining about the art, I'd much rather just draw it this way~ easy-peasy - but I think Sol wouldn't appreciate that drop in quality

>.> I don't like school, I really think the major I picked is all wrong for me. I wonder if that's a sign that it was the wrong choice...? *shrugs* Oh well, I always have my crappy drawings

Sigh, here's to one long year of doing this. Long time for me to stick to anything really

Reply Sol, 07 Sep 2007

Year In Review I've decided to give a brief summary of everything that's happened in the past year.

Prologue: After Shutendoji, King of Demons, created an army of Elite Demons, capable of decimating 1,000 Angels by themselves, Shutendoji defeats Heaven and it's Leader, Aven The Avenger and orders the invasion of Earth, despite Aven's warning that he would fail.

Chapter 1: After a seventeen year old boy's hometown is destroyed, and witnessing his father's demise at the hands of an Elite Demon, he finds that he is able to wield The Avenger, the holy sword said to be made by Aven himself. After fighting a losing battle against the Elite Demon, he hears Aven's voice tell him that he can absorb the souls of fallen innocents to increase his power at the cost of sanity. With this new power, he is able to defeat the Elite Demon. However, the souls now haunt him and he has forgotten his own name. All he remembers is his childhood friend Stephanie... and the fact that she may still be alive somewhere.

Chapter 2: After defeating another Elite Demon, Lone finds that he sees the faces of the souls if he looks at his reflection. After hearing a Demon on TV say that he will kill one person a minute for every minute that Lone doesn't show up, Lone runs off towards the far away city. Collapsing from exhaustion, he's approached by a Goblin named Sypher. After agreeing to spare Sypher, Sypher feels indebted and calls Lone "Master." Sypher shows Lone the secret Goblin Underground and brings Lone to the City.

Chapter 3: After losing the battle against the Demon, he is saved by Celene Archer, the last Angel. Despite Celene's warning that Lone is out of his league, Lone continues his journey. After finding the city where Stephanie was staying, Lone finds the bodies of a million soldiers. Finding a dying soldier, the soldier warns Lone of the two Demons who were still in the city. In his dying words, he tells Lone that all of the citizens were evacuated, and that he saw to Stephanie's escape personally. Lone then confronts the Jester Brothers, and after absorbing the souls of the million soldiers, The Jester Brothers merge together to become Ultimus. After using Ultimus' two minds against each other, Lone wins the battle. Meanwhile, Celene confronts Shutendoji's Second in Command, Kratos the Manipulator and finds his power to be overwhelming. Celene barely escapes with her life. Kratos hints at a greater plan that he is about to set in motion, and knows that Celene is not a threat to his plans.

Chapter 4 (Thus Far): Lone attempts to utilize the souls' memories in order to gain information on Stephanie's whereabouts. While successful, he learns that the dying soldier was Stephen Espoir, Stephanie's father. After heading in the direction where she went, Lone encounters a field of grass, stained with blood for miles. Although disturbed, Lone manages to push on. He then finds freshly killed bodies in the city. Once again using the soul's memories, Lone witnesses a Demon with a flaming Necklace ordering two other Demons. Lone then continues, and finds himself on a Road of Blood. Shortly after, Lone is struck by a sleeping dart and is put into a deep slumber. Saved by Sypher, Lone soon learns from Sypher that all of the bloody images he's been seeing have been nothing but hallucinations. Lone is truly beginning to lose himself to insanity... what will become of him should he continue along this bloody road?

Reply K.K., 08 Sep 2007

... or you coulda clicked the "first" button and just read all of that.

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Reply amjam, 09 Sep 2007

But Sol typing (or capping) it all out is more fun. @_@
Very funny, it made me laugh. Although the second Lone really really confused me because I couldn't tell what his facial expression was. 0_0 I got the joke anyway, great gag comic! X3

Ohmigosh, wait a minute! Where are Lone's scars? Does this mean you just forgot them or didn't want them, or do they magically disappear someday? (Now THAT would be a plot twist I'd expect, and it could be very nicely done. XD)

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 09 Sep 2007

Happy Anniversary! LOL, nice one. In his dreams. 8D

Reply Sol, 09 Sep 2007

To Amjam: No, K.K. just didn't draw them in this gag comic.

The origins of his scars will eventually be revealed though.

Reply Death's Subordinate, 09 Sep 2007

Damnit ><

I forgot about the fan art... I may send something later ><

Pretty hilarious though K.K. Nice job!

Reply Pocket, 10 Sep 2007

LOL! Very funny. Also, congrates on your one year anniversary!

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