Chapter 42 - Page 14

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Reply Sol, 27 Aug 2015

So yeah, Celene was originally rendered catatonic from the fear, but when she was brought into Hell, she was then placed into a state of... let's call it a "Waking Nightmare." Basically, she is subjected to hallucinations of fear and even saying words that may be familiar or comforting to her in the past will just set off further hallucinations that prey upon that former comfort. Though sometimes it's just being subjected to witness/hear horrific acts. In this case, the word "Aven" triggered memories within her subconscious in that while she never personally witnessed Aven's demise at the hands of Shutendoji, she has had nightmares about it in the past and she's essentially seeing Aven get brutally murdered by Shutendoji from the hallucinations.

As Saizo stated, she eventually passes out from the mental strain and exhaustion from the fear, and then the cycle repeats when she wakes up again. She has been in this state for practically ten years, so she's in a very bad state now.

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