Chapter 4 - Page 26

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Reply Sol, 02 Sep 2007

Sypher looks good here.

So yeah, Sypher is the last Goblin. And now we know why he was so frightened when he heard about the Flaming Necklace. Although, being frightened is what Sypher does XD.

You can tell by the dates on these comments how evil we were in holding back pages :P.

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Reply K.K., 02 Sep 2007

So, wouldn't it be cool if Jack, Ronald McDonald and the Burger King got into a fight? Like a solid, deathmatch style fight?

(The Burger King would probably win in a fair match because he'd bring out his "big meat" and the others would run from the horrible horrible sight)

Well, it would be entertaining to me, at least until the A&W bear came and mauled them all. Mmmm, Mauling.

I mentioned this to a friend, and she said that Ronald would win because he has his gang, which I had completely forgotten about. The Hamburgler himself is probably enough, seeing as he probably has +40 speed shoes.

But then I remembered that the McDonald's gang had more or less been killed off around the time SUPER SIZE ME came out (a good movie) - now, the McDonald's mascots are 20 somethings in excellent shape who can't possibly ever eat McDonald's.

Oh, and for you who don't know, Grimace (the purple thing) is "officially" from a species called "Grimaces" (Google Uncle O'Grimacey for the stupidest mascot ever created). I assure you, they aren't Grimaces at all - they are really old chicken McNuggets that are WAYYYY past their expiry date.

Take a look at THIS! and tell me that doesn't look like a moldy McNugget.

Anyways, I pretty much only eat fast food from A&W now anyways (proximity) but I used to live by a McDonald's (that had a school attached, which I always called McDonald's High). I ate there once after they supposedly made the food "healthy" and I gagged. I can't eat that stuff...

Reply Sol, 05 Sep 2007

Well, I think the Burger King would have the advantage in that he can Shape Shift.

Have you seen those commercials? The guy riding on his bike with his girlfriend, and then he goes through a tunnel and turns around to see the Burger King behind him instead. And then the look on the guy's face when he realizes that his girlfriend was really the Burger King in disguise. Shape Shifter!

Reply K.K., 08 Sep 2007

Dude, that King is the freakiest nutjob in the world. Those commercials scare me.

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Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 14 Sep 2007

Poor Sypher... Good thing Lone's there. :D

BTW guys, I made a fanart for this comic! Will try to color it tomorrow or on Sunday. x3

Expect that! ;D

Reply Sol, 14 Sep 2007

Awesome! Looking forward to it!

Reply Death's Subordinate, 14 Sep 2007

I'm really trying to get my fanart done too, but I'm just bad with this stuff XD

Nice page. Chickifilia cow FTW!!!

Reply Sol, 14 Sep 2007

Hmm, with all of this talk of fan art, I think I'm going to post up the first and only piece of fan art TLS has recieved while the comic has been running so far.

So, expect that on Saturday.

Reply K.K., 14 Sep 2007

What the heck is Chikifilia...

Reply amjam, 14 Sep 2007

Illegal wtf.

I'm a teenage girl. -late-

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