Chapter 4 - Page 27

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Reply Sol, 11 Sep 2007

"Wait, did he just meld potentially three pages into one?"

Yes. Yes I did. So, I kind of apologize for that. I know Vye kind of commented on how sometimes I go too fast, but this Chapter is already freaking long. Mainly because the upcoming battle is one of the most epic battles we'll see for awhile.

So, I compressed it into one page.

Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, Lone looks short here because he's kneeling down to her level. It can be a bit hard to tell due to his cloak.

So, holy crap, a survivor!

New characters are fun :3

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Reply K.K., 12 Sep 2007

I like how Sol's comment for me was "don't half ass Helen" - he knows me possibly too well...

I'm actually pretty happy when he compresses stuff like this - it leaves more space for kickass demon fighting scenes.

User's Comments:

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 17 Sep 2007

XD I think this is the cutest page so far. x3

Reply Pocket, 17 Sep 2007

Ahh, it's nice to see a new face. And I also noticed that Helen has the same eyes as Lone. Is that just coincedence or are they related or something?

Reply Sol, 17 Sep 2007

It's just a coincidence. Good eye, though. You'll want to keep that open to see through some of the foreshadowing I like to do. (I do it a lot :P)

And yes, which is why I can't wait until Part 2. There will be a whole bunch of new main characters introduced in Part 2.

Reply amjam, 18 Sep 2007



Anyway, awesome job with this page. I want a few kickass demon fight scenes to happen, too.... also, I did think Lone had shrunk horribly when I first looked at it. (:

Reply Sol, 18 Sep 2007

You won't be disappointed then, as the epic battle will be beginning soon.

I don't know how to respond to the first part of that comment though...

Reply K.K., 18 Sep 2007

>.> sorry to not meet your expectations, amjam.

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