Chapter 4 - Page 29

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Reply Sol, 11 Sep 2007

This page might be a bit confusing. Allow me to explain.

Lone just attempted to slash Splitter, but struck an after image instead.

You know, that thing that happens when a person moves extremely fast, that they still appear to be in the same place for several seconds after they've left that spot? Yeah, that thing.

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Reply K.K., 12 Sep 2007

I drew it... but I think I may have overdone the motion blur...

Also, people in real life, do NOT ask me about my comments here. I really don't remember what I write here or anywhere else... also, why would you ask me about Sol's comments?! I'm obviously not him, so asking me what he thinks seems like a hopeless thing to do.

The next few pages look pretty cool... maybe I should send them to Sol, instead of just keeping them on my harddrive~

Anyways, by the time you read this, weeks have passed (see how old the date is on this...) - it's nice to have a backlog, since it's absolutely awful when I have a ton of stuff due at once

Reply Sol, 12 Sep 2007

Haha, you have people asking about my comments? Why don't they just e-mail me if they have questions?

Reply K.K., 13 Sep 2007

Because they aren't even bothering to leave comments... preeeetty sure we allow guest comments...

Reply Sol, 13 Sep 2007

Yeah, we do.

Reply K.K., 14 Sep 2007


The last few comments were totally unnecessary to this whole thing...

Reply Sol, 18 Sep 2007

Tune in tommorow for a fanart done by the lovely Witch Girl Pilar.

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Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 21 Sep 2007

The perspective... It's awesome. :O

And LOVELY? ME? No way... *blushes* But I'm a guy as well... xD *gets shot*

Reply K.K., 21 Sep 2007

hahaha you're a guy? that's greattttt, Sol's hopes are crushed

Reply Sol, 21 Sep 2007

hahahaha, I'm 90% certain it was a joke.

Especially since all of her profiles say female, and from what I've seen of her, she's fangirlish.

I'm a pretty good judge of character. While I successfully RPed a female character for several months without anyone figuring out that it was actually a guy playing her, I do believe I have several pieces of evidence that point towards her being female.

I'm not going to bother pointing them out here, because it would take awhile.

So, for now, all I will say is "OBJECTION!"

Reply amjam, 21 Sep 2007

Haha, most people know I'm a girl immediately. It's astounding how natural it is, once you get to know the way conversation flows online, to figure out someone's gender (and sometimes their age, although that isn't very reliable) . Although, two years ago, I had two accounts on a site my friends and I played on, and one was a guy and I said "he" was my "friend" and no one figured it out... XD I told them last year and now they won't let it lie. I guess I can imitate a guy if I need to (yay for writing and roleplaying and comics and empathy and all that fun stuff that helps us with that) but I'm happy to be me.

As for the comic. (Has anyone noticed we only talk about the actual comic about 40% of the time here?) Lone's hood is disobeying the laws of reality. Keep an eye on where it folds (If it looks correct to you, it's because I don't know the script so I'm not sure exactly what motion he used) and also, I don't think he can swing his sword in a long arc, then bring it steeply up and in. If you use the beizer for motion, just double-check it. ^^
I know you probably don't have enough time, though, what with it being a regular comic. I shouldn't be talking anyway.

NOW. Back to watching anime. You know how many minutes I own? OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND! -shot- At least I finally made it to that episode... I can't remember half the stuff that happened, I haven't seen DBZ since I was a little kid...

Reply Sol, 21 Sep 2007

Haha, it was actually quite funny. The only reason why I got found out that the female character was actually me, was because I was RPing a guy and a girl at the same time in the same room, in two different windows, and I accidentaly posted a message on the wrong window. So, I got found out. We all had a good laugh about it though XD.

And yes, I do notice that (the 40% thing) :P. But that's OK, there's not a whole lot to talk about right now. Part 1 has hardly any mysteries even :/. Part 2 has plenty though, muahahaha. (If you notice, I rave about Part 2 a lot. It's actually my favourite part in all of TLS. I think it may be the longest as well. But I don't know that for sure.)

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 23 Sep 2007

I know it's kinda late reply, but... Oh WTF, I admit myself as a guy as well. Sure, I'm a TOMBOY, and I'm damn proud of it. I only act like a guy if I want to, and a girl if I'm getting all cheerful. x3 *gets shot*

Besides, my male ego's eyes keep on burning everytime I see a hardcore yaoi. 8D

Reply Sol, 23 Sep 2007

Well... that was a slightly confusing comment. I THINK I understood it though...

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 23 Sep 2007

owo Okay, now what if I say I went to the guys' bathroom to get some water for my watercolor? ROFL The girl's bathroom was out of order, so I had no choice. 8D

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