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Reply Sol, 14 Sep 2007

So, this is that fan art I promised to show off yesterday, done by the lovely Exah. This was actually done back in March. It was originally being displayed on the forum, but I don't use that very often anymore since people can just comment on here now. And I get a lot more response than I did before with the forum.

Anyways, I was originally going to save this for later, but I decided to show it off now since people were talking about fan art.

Exah is the artist of the Webcomic "Yami No Tainai" located at

It's a pretty good comic, but it might take you a few days to get through the archives, seeing how it has over 900 comics so far and updates almost every day.

So yeah! Airaxen and Exah have a Shoutbox on their website, so if you want to shower Exah with praise, you can go there to do it.

I've posted a News Post that you should read if you wish to submit fan art. I absolutely LOVE fan art, and this is really the only one we've received since we started. So, the fact that Jaffar and Witch Girl Pilar are making fan art makes me happy :3

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Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 15 Sep 2007

YEY! Looks VERY pretty!

Can't wait to color my fanart. x3

BTW, Sol, I can see you faved my "A Disturbing Dream" doujinshi. Ya mean you aren't offended even if it's a YAOI one? Owo;

Reply K.K., 15 Sep 2007

Exah is so good... wish I had that kind of talent.... *sniffle*

Ah, I miss having her around. Still, rival webcomic site, eh?

Reply Sol, 15 Sep 2007

@Witch Girl

To be honest, I'm WRITING a Shounen-ai (with a bit of Shoujo-ai as well) comic right now for someone. Why? Because it's a challenge, and something I haven't done before. It should be interesting.

Also, it seems like you have a bunch of original characters in your doujinshi. I don't know who most of them are, and I beat Samurai Legend Musashi.

Now, if the pairing was something like Musashi and Gandrake, then I'd probably have a problem with it.

Basically what I'm saying is, I don't have a problem with yaoi in general, as long as it makes sense <.<. I don't like characters being completely twisted into something they are not. As a writer, I wouldn't appreciate that happening to my characters.

Hmmm, to be honest, if it did happen by a fan, I'd be both flattered and disturbed at the same time XD.

In other news, it seems Exah was seemingly hit by two cars in the same day by careless drivers but is relatively alright. What "relatively alright" means, I don't know. Airaxen hasn't elaborated yet. But the important thing is she's OK. Everyone wish her well on YNT!

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 15 Sep 2007

owo ZOMG, Sol really? Now THAT'S something I never see everyday. 8D

Uhm, I only have 1 original character, and that's Harukaze. Since you beat SLM, you must have seen the SLM villains. The other villains are from the first Musashi game of the PSOne, Brave Fencer Musashi.

Try to play that game. It TOTALLY rocks. 8D

LOL, I am not surprised that you said that you are disturbed. >D

O.o NANDA?! Hope she's alright. D:

Reply Sol, 15 Sep 2007

Ah, that'd probably be why, I've never played Brave Fencer.

Yeah, the comic I'm writing, titled "True Nature", is still in production. We're working on getting a pretty big buffer set up, doing about two chapters ahead of time before we start shooting off three a week updates. Production has been a bit slow though, I've only written the first chapter and part of the second so far, and the artist, Yepa, has been a bit sick lately. I'll be sure to plug it though once it's up. You can look at the concept though if you check out the profile. (it can be found in a list of my webcomics on my profile.)

But yeah. Hell, I'm a guy that actually enjoyed Brookback Mountain XD.

I have a pretty strong feminine side, actually, which is why I get along with girls pretty well. I can generally make friends with girls very easily. It's just that next step that's the problem, most of the time...

Despite all of this, I AM 100% hetero.

Reply Ex (Guest), 15 Sep 2007

KK misses me? but I am around! all sneaky-like. Har har.

Reply Sol, 15 Sep 2007

Haha, hey Exah! You doing alright? That's pretty bad luck, getting hit by two cars in the same day :/.

Although, I suppose it's also good luck that you're alright.

Reply Ex (Guest), 15 Sep 2007

Yeah, should be pretty good. woo bruises! :D

Reply Sol, 15 Sep 2007

I was hit by a car once, but it wasn't really the driver's fault, nor was it mine. It was more of my friend's fault. We were going down a hill on our bikes in the bike lane, and my friend was behind me. I was using my brakes to go down the hill, but his didn't work that well, so he told me to go a bit faster. So, I let go of the brakes.

There was a big bush that you can't see past until you go past it near a side road, and it wasn't until I got past this bush that I saw that a car had just finished stopping at a stop sign and was about to go.

I slammed on the brakes, skidded on some rocks, fell off my bike and into the path of the car, where I was struck slightly on the shoulder and pushed back a bit.

It sounds serious, but somehow I managed to walk away with nothing more than a couple of scratches. The driver and another witness who had pulled over to make sure I was alright were a bit surprised, but I was perfectly fine.

Probably the worst bike accident I had was totally my fault. Let me just say, thank GOD I was wearing a helmet. I was riding a bit too fast on a sidewalk, and suddenly I skidded out. I fell off my bike, and then my bike fell on top of me. At first, I thought I was OK, and I stood up.

Then, suddenly, my vision just went white. I literally could not see anything but white for several minutes. It was a bit scary, but eventually my vision returned. I had a friend's house nearby, so I went there to call my mom to pick me up and take me to the hospital.

I had suffered a minor concussion, while I was wearing my helmet. Now imagine if I wasn't. Unfortunately, this happened around the time of my College Midterms. I didn't do too well on those, as I could hardly think straight :/.

Reply Pocket, 15 Sep 2007

Jeez, that sucks. Not the picture(It's very good)I mean the accident.

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 16 Sep 2007

EX! Hey there! Are you alright?! Hang in there! I saw your comic. It was WOW.


Haha, that's good to hear. At least you like het as well. 8D

Reply K.K., 16 Sep 2007

Haha, surprisingly, despite my seemingly kamikaze driving style, I haven't ever been in a really huge fender-bender.

Well, there was that time I hit that truck, but that's something else entirely.

Glad to see Exah is okay. That's some crazy luck you have there.

Reply littleshrimp, 19 Aug 2008

!!!!!!!! I love it, nice drawing technique!!!

Reply Johnd23 (Guest), 25 Jul 2017

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