Chapter 4 - Page 31

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Reply Sol, 15 Sep 2007

Lone makes the mistake of looking away from the scene, and takes a strong hit as punishment.

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Reply K.K., 15 Sep 2007

I hate this page. I just HATE it. Don't bother leaving comments about how the characters don't look right, cuz I KNOW. Frig, I kept trying to figure out why they are so off model (it's the proportions, I know) but I couldn't figure out how to fix it. I just ended up giving up and sending it to Sol. Screw, I need a frappuchino

Reply K.K., 19 Sep 2007

Also, what Sol just said was a narration of exactly what happened. It is, in fact, a summary of the speech bubble.

i.e. Sol doesn't think much of our readers...

Reply Sol, 20 Sep 2007

Actually, it's more of me summarizing things because I have nothing better to say :P.

User's Comments:

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 26 Sep 2007

owo I actually like the lighting effect of the page. x3

Reply jaffar255, 26 Sep 2007

I don't know what you are talking about KK...I like this page O.o

Reply K.K., 27 Sep 2007

>.> The lighting effect is only one button... and, the rest of the pages have this same effect, cuz it's "Battle scene effect" time.

And, I really do hate this page. Splitter looks all wrong.

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