Fanart by Witch Girl Pilar

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Reply Sol, 16 Sep 2007

So, thanks go out to Witch Girl Pilar for this lovely piece of fan art!

Her Deviant Art site can be located at< br />
She also has a Musashi Doujinshi called "A Disturbing Dream"

Which has some shounen-ai/yaoi in it. But the art's pretty good, I must say.

I say that about a lot of artists though XD.

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Reply K.K., 18 Sep 2007

The hands are awesome. Though I notice that she didn't draw the shirt the way Lone wears it... hahaha, shows that I never draw it and always hide it under his cloak

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Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 22 Sep 2007

I am honored... *bows*

Hehe, thanks alot for the compliment of my art, Sol. <3

And thanks for the comments about the hands, KK. And, yeah. I knew I didn't draw the exact shirt Lone wears. It's because I drew it by the memory. xD Plus, I kinda wanna show off his chest. x3

Reply amjam, 22 Sep 2007

Whoahzers, he's so pretty. XD You rock! I watched you on DA now.

Sol, I noticed your deviantart account, KK, do you have one?

Reply Sol, 22 Sep 2007

Yeah, I don't have much on it right now though. Just one piece of art I did awhile ago which sucks, the Prologue and first chapter of Lunar and Blood, and the beginning of a story called Final Fate.

I'll probably post more art stuff up there in the near future though, as I continue practicing.

Reply K.K., 22 Sep 2007

I do not have a deviantArt account, because I am too lazy to get one for free.

Besides, it's not like I'd have anything to PUT in a deviantArt account. My current educational pursuits do not give me much time to complete drawings. The only thing I have doodled are character designs for some new TLS characters (hopefully, when Sol finally gives me a character description of them, I can kinda just fit the ones I doodled into the design)

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 22 Sep 2007

Replies @ Amjam

Heh. So I noticed. But you just faved my fanart, not watch me. But thanks for faving anyway. And the compliment. XD

@ Sol

Good luck with that! I'll be expecting that! :D

@ K.K.

Aw, I know how you feel. College is really a time killer, neh? lD

Reply K.K., 23 Sep 2007

I so do not understand tax law. My homework takes way too long.

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