Chapter 4 - Page 35

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Reply Sol, 24 Sep 2007

Another moment where Splitter's arrogance shines.

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Reply K.K., 25 Sep 2007

I think Lone is a bit too happy when somebody was just beheaded, but storyboards mention that he's supposed to have a wry grin sort of thing going.

Oh, in case you are confused, Sol didn't particularly specify what Splitter looks like much (other than he has a sword) so I decided to take a few liberties with the sword. It's almost a Zanbatou.

Reply Sol, 26 Sep 2007

Actually, there's two reasons for this.

1. Lone is trying to worry Splitter by telling him he made a mistake.

2. The bigger reason, Lone is trying to show Splitter that he's not going to let it bother him anymore, so he should stop doing it.

Reply K.K., 27 Sep 2007

Dude, those are like the anti-bullying lessons that never work in real life.

"Ignore him, or tell an adult" - either one gets you beaten within an inch of your life.

User's Comments:

Reply amjam, 05 Oct 2007

I know, seriously. But in fantasy comics, it works. (That's why we all grow up misguided and happy and decide to share it with the world by writing violent interspecies comics.)

By the way, does Splitter only murder women?

Reply K.K., 05 Oct 2007

Sol has some issues.

Reply Sol, 05 Oct 2007

Hahaha, no Splitter murdered a guy when the battle began, on Page 28.

Reply Ex (Guest), 05 Oct 2007


Reply Sol, 06 Oct 2007

Because he's a sick, demented freak.

But seriously, he's killed one man, one young woman, and one older woman so far, and yet you're getting on his case about sex discrimination? Geez!

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 06 Oct 2007


But seriously, that was one good shot of a head cut off. 8D *gets shot*

Reply K.K., 07 Oct 2007

Sol, I think they're picking on you cuz you couldn't tell the guy was a guy. All it was was a bloody puddle

Reply Sol, 08 Oct 2007

That's not my fault. And it says it was a man in the text, so meh.

Reply CPD, 27 Oct 2007

hee,hee. He has a goetee, like the devil :3

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