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Reply K.K., 25 Aug 2016

I finally managed to get the touch functions on my tablet fixed. It took a long time because I kept thinking it was a problem with my tablet, and after re-installing the software and drivers (which wiped all my preferences...) I had managed to fix a weird problem with the pen, but not the touchscreen.

After Google was... less than helpful, I realized the problem wasn't with the tablet at all; it was a Windows 10 problem, which kept thinking that my non-touch monitor was a touchscreen, and jacking the whole thing up.

So, all in all, 3 hours of tech problems for what is essentially a 10 minute fix. I tried to "configure" my non-touchscreen as a touchscreen, and Windows was like "...oh, that's not a touchscreen." Ah, but everything is working so smoothly now, so I guess this isn't so much a complaint as it is a celebration~

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