Chapter 47 - Page 22

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Reply K.K., 28 Sep 2016

Yeah, I totally backdated this page...

Only real thing of note on this page is that Siska drops her dagger next to his feet.

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Reply Sol, 28 Sep 2016

Regional Champ! So, as some people know, I play a card game known as Cardfight!! Vanguard and have played it since 2011 online and January of 2012 in real life.

Saturday was the 5th annual Regional Qualifier for the Vanguard World Championship for my Region. Top 4 qualify for the Continental Championship in Los Angeles, with Top 2 winning free airfare and hotel to attend.

There were I believe 127 participants this year. I've come close to making top 8 every year except one, but never quite made it going into this year, usually getting knocked out in the final round before cut to top 8. This year, not only did I finally make the top 8, but I actually won the whole tournament!

So I'll be participating in the North America/Latin America Continental Championship on November 19th in Los Angeles as the Vancouver Regional Champion, with the top 3 getting free airfare and hotel to participate in the World Championships in Japan.

It's always been a dream of mine since the World Championship format was first announced in 2012 to participate in Continentals or even the World Finals, so to have one of those dreams realized has meant a lot to me.

I'll be taking my fiancee with me as she was kind of my good luck charm during Regionals and was super supportive of me, and it was pretty special to win with her and the kids there.

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Reply Captain Ghost, 29 Sep 2016

@Sol: Congrats Sol!

Kick some butt/will be counting on ya to represent! O:

(I mean I guess I moved away from Vancouver a good lil while ago now, and from vancouver island back to alberta an even shorter while ago ---- but I think I've lived in BC long enough to-- -- you know what, just go, have fun, and yeah! KICK SOME BUTT AaaaaaaaaAAAAA)

Reply Sol, 29 Sep 2016

@Captain Ghost: Lol, well, the only Regionals in Canada this year were in Vancouver and Toronto, so yeah, still your Region xD.

I'm actually the only Canadian that was in the top 4, the rest were from Washington.

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