Chapter 48 - Page 2

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Reply K.K., 20 Oct 2016

Sol said to make Maeva look "wilder" but I think unintentionally she ended up looking sexier.

This page took forever to do, since I was cooking earlier and got something spicy on my fingers. Every brushstroke ended up hurting, even after washing my hands over and over. The capcaisin should wear off in a few hours, but I wanted the page to be up on time, so *shrugs*

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Reply Sol, 20 Oct 2016

In case it hasn't been obvious, these fights are occurring at roughly the same time, with only slight gaps in between as they go up the stairs, etc.

The scene I showed at the end of the last chapter was what was occurring on this floor after Siska won. This is why Masai is fine here.

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