Chapter 4 - Page 39

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Reply Sol, 04 Oct 2007

Confused? It's alright. It will be explained next page.

Or, if you managed to figure it out, then good on you.

The funny thing is though, after Splitter says "I'd like to see you do it again!", he does just that.

Has Lone turned things around?

We're down to the last 4 weeks of this Chapter! Yay!

Reply Advertisement, 15 Nov 2019

Reply K.K., 05 Oct 2007

"Wow, Splitter, your face can sustain a lot of damage! That's good to know."

User's Comments:

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 15 Oct 2007

Purple Blood? Woah. Now THAT hurts. XD

Reply Sol, 15 Oct 2007

If you look back, you'll see that Demons have had purple blood for awhile.

Reply amjam, 15 Oct 2007

That's BLOOD?

Reply Sol, 15 Oct 2007

<.< What else would it be? This isn't new, Demons have had Purple Blood since K.K. took over the colour. I didn't want the Demons to have red blood, since their skin is already that colour.

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