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Reply K.K., 15 Dec 2016

I really should start playing FFXV... had it for like 2 weeks now and haven't touched it - I've been too busy finishing Blazblue. There's SO MANY CHARACTERS and I don't feel good not having all of the gallery unlocked, so I'm slowly grinding out their arcade modes.

Reply Sol, 15 Dec 2016

@K.K.: Still haven't seen the new Blazblue at EB Games. What's it called? I might just wait for the inevitable Extend version though.

FF XV is pretty good so far, but it's a bit slow going for people who like to explore and do lots of side quests because there's a TON of them. Not exactly a fun "spectator" game for the most part as a result. I'm on Chapter 5 now of 15.

EDIT: OK, just found it. I don't have a PS4, just an XBone right now, and considering the last game was on both, was hoping the same would apply here. Guess not :/. There's the PS3 version but it's sold out everyone on EB Games.

Still expecting an Extend version at some point like the other ones.

Reply K.K., 18 Dec 2016

@Sol: It's supposedly the last Blazblue game, I guess Axys would rather focus on Guilty Gear.

Of course, they've also said the same thing about GG before, and that was like 3 games ago, so who knows.

Reply Sol, 23 Dec 2016

@K.K.: Wasn't the last Guilty Gear game not even a fighting game?

Also, last "series" game or last game? I need to know if I should go looking for the PS3 game on ebay or wait for an Extend version.

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