Chapter 50 - Page 1

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Reply Sol, 24 Mar 2017

A tad fitting that this ended up being the 50th Chapter.

When I came up with the design and concept behind One Winged Demon Kratos and this part of the battle a good 13-14 years ago, I initially had him call himself the One Winged Demon of Power and Lust instead of Envy. Mainly just because I liked how that sounded, but as we got to this point, I realized it didn't make any sense. Kratos' "signature" sin is Envy, so I changed it to that, even if it doesn't roll off the tongue the same way.

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Reply makogun2000, 24 Mar 2017

"One Winged Demon", Really? And I suppose his sword has gotten absurdly long to match his new status? Did this guy idolize Sephiroth or something growing up?

Reply Sol, 24 Mar 2017

@makogun2000: lol no, sword is the same. Kratos' "One Winged Form" is due to the fact that his true power is sealed by the curse. Otherwise he'd have two wings.

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