Chapter 4 - Page 41

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Reply Sol, 14 Oct 2007

As you can see, Lone's last attack certainly left it's mark on Splitter's face. What Strategy is Splitter going to use now?

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Reply K.K., 14 Oct 2007

No, he's not Dilandao.


User's Comments:

Reply amjam, 19 Oct 2007

Goddamit, Splitter! Don't be such a dumb typical villain! -shakes fist- You're so awesome, so don't freaking tell him what you're going to do or waste time talking! Hubris'll be the death of you both. DX

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 19 Oct 2007

XD Seriously, must he STILL say that? If can't keep his mouth shut soon, Lone's just gonna slice up his ass.

Reply Sol, 19 Oct 2007

I've said this before though. Splitter is very arrogant, and believes there's nothing Lone can do to stop him. He didn't exactly reveal what he was going to do, just stated that Lone's deduction was correct.

Besides, if it weren't for villian's like him, certain plot details wouldn't be able to be revealed <.<. The whole "typical villian revealing his plans to the hero" is mainly a plot device used by writers to explain to the readers what's going on.

Also, Splitter was mainly talking to stall for time himself. His face was just sliced, after all.

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