Chapter 4 - Page 43

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Reply Sol, 22 Oct 2007

Do you realize what Lone realizes?

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Reply K.K., 24 Oct 2007

Ugh... I'm not that happy with this page at all, but Sol needed it ASAP, so what are you gonna do right?

Anyways, I've been a bit busy lately, but I'll get back to drawing soon... *crosses fingers*

User's Comments:

Reply Jack14456, 23 Oct 2007

Yes! That the only one that can hurt him didn't jump into the air and is more than likely behind him. They are illusionary copies and can't hurt him!

Reply Sol, 24 Oct 2007

Oooh, a new commenter!

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 24 Oct 2007

OH NOES That means Splinter has the advantage. Crap. DX

Reply Jack14456, 24 Oct 2007

Yes, I can comment again!

Reply Sol, 24 Oct 2007

@Witch Girl: Splinter? Does he look like a giant talking rat? (mind you, Master Splinter was pretty awesome)

I don't really like this page in general, mainly because it really goes back to a thing Vye mentioned. This page focuses way too much on Lone explaining things rather than using the images to do it. It's more like the images are supporting the writing, rather than the other way around.

Part 2 will really step away from Lone's internal monologues. I don't think any of the pages I've written for Chapter 6 so far have any internal monologue.

Reply K.K., 25 Oct 2007

Always a good thing.

The action scenes with the demons aren't awful to draw, but the ones with Lone f'ing suck...

I've never seen a guy in a cloak move in real life, so it's a bit rough to draw it, since I have no idea how it would really be like... But what are the odds I'd see a dude in a cloak on the street ahhaah

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 26 Oct 2007

WRONG SPELLING So sorry. DX I meant the demon. Oh, hwy do I keep on forgetting some names... >>;

Reply CPD, 27 Oct 2007

The story is kinda written like he is rembering all this stuff from the past. At least that's what I think is happening.

Reply Sol, 28 Oct 2007

*smirks* actually, your deduction is correct. You'll see what it all means later, early into Part 2.

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