Chapter 4 - Page 48

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Reply Sol, 04 Nov 2007

You sick, sick people. Wanting a poor innocent little girl like Helen to die. I hope you're happy. Witch Girl is the only one that didn't want her to die <.<.

This isn't quite what I envisioned when I wrote this page, but it'll do. Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious, that "CRACK" was Helen's skull being crushed.

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Reply K.K., 04 Nov 2007

Hmm, it really wasn't how you envisioned it? I kind of like the effect...

Sol complains that you can't see the silhouette all that well, but I sort of can, so I dunno what he means by that. I guess it's naturally going to be hard to see since it's black on black.

It's simple, but that's cuz the next 2 pages were hell, so I was taking this page as a sort of breather haha..

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Reply amjam, 04 Nov 2007

I can see it fine.

But that isn't graphic enough, dangit! D< I want to see her head split open! Jeez, it's like waiting through the torture that is Evangelion (which is amazing, I'm not bashing it, but it makes no sense until after you've seen it. XD) and then NOT getting to see Kaworu's head chopped off. I mean, come on! My sick mind is so not satisfied.

Reply jaffar255, 05 Nov 2007

And to're a girl D:

Reply CPD, 05 Nov 2007

To be honest I was really not expecting that to happen. Which is a good thing...well not for Helen.

Reply amjam, 05 Nov 2007

Girls can like gore as much as anyone. Just look at how popular things like yaoi and bondage have become.

Mmmmmm... actually, I agree with CPD. I thought you'd try to save her. Oh well :D

Reply Sol, 05 Nov 2007

Sorry for disappointing you, Amjam :P. This is rated PG-13 though. Showing a 7 year old girl getting her skull crushed would not be a pretty scene. There will be some gory moments throughout the comic though. I just generally don't like doing it with kids.

Reply K.K., 05 Nov 2007

*glare* ORLY?

I was under the assumption that Sol was expecting this to be a gorefest. The fact that I did it all in silhouettes probably wasn't at all what he was expecting.

Reply Sol, 05 Nov 2007

Actually, what I was expecting was her body being shown falling slowly on a black background, and then in the last panel it was supposed to be her hitting the ground. Which is when "it" happens. It isn't much different than here, except in mind it wasn't a silhouette.

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 05 Nov 2007

Aw crap. O_o So I was the only one who didn't want Helen to die... Aw Geebuz Crackers... And this STILL has to happen... BUT SHE WAS A CUTE LITTLE GIRL, WTF. >_>

But yeah, not all girls are grossed out to see blood. 8D It just proves that every person is different. xD

Besides, I need more inspiration... =_=

Reply Cosmodious, 02 Nov 2008

I didn't want her to die either >:(

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