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Reply K.K., 05 Nov 2007


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Reply Sol, 05 Nov 2007

The final chapter of Part 1. Unfortunately, it's another long one at 45 pages. Still, Part 1 ends on a bang.

Lone and Shutendoji meet for the first time, and we'll be able to get to see more of what Shutendoji's personality is truly like.

I'm not going to say too much about this Chapter though. You'll just have to find out.

Today was Remembrance Day in Canada. (the 11th) I'm very anti-war, so I always get mixed emotions for this holiday. My Great Grandfather fought in both World War I and II though.

Reply K.K., 06 Nov 2007

Being an immigrant, Remembrance Day honestly has very little meaning to me...

Both of us are anti-war, yet our comic is about a heavenly war. Funny how things work out like that.

Reply Sol, 12 Nov 2007

I have exciting news. A new comic written by me is now in the works, and that comic is "Goddess Shariah" which I've mentioned a few times on here before.

It's written by me and drawn by Oo_Orange_oO, aka Prince Orange, who is most commonly known for his comic, Pokemon Bonbon League. The Cover Page for Chapter 1 should be going up later today, but the website can be found at

I'm very excited about it. Be sure to check it out when we start posting pages.

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Reply amjam, 12 Nov 2007

Sounds interesting. The picture looks really scary cool sexy (is that a good way to say it? I love the shading and evil expression). I like the comic, so I'm just worried that too many pages will damage one of you guys.
Also, I'll be sure to check out Goddess Shariah (haha, I know orange. I love bonbon league! :3 Sounds good already with you two working together. *cough* Even though K.K. will always be the coolest artist on SJ...)

Reply K.K., 12 Nov 2007

Ahaha, nice of you to say, but there are some crazy crazy artists on SJ. Thanx though.

And yeah, too many pages will obviously burn one of us out, and it's not hard to guess which one is the more likely one to crash from it XD

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 13 Nov 2007


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