Chapter 53 - Page 23

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I guess the Mask creates the illusion. Including the height.

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Reply K.K., 05 Dec 2017

Okay, so I totally thought that the Fortune Teller was Stephanie's older sister. Did not see it being Nether at all, though in retrospect, it's totally something Nether would do.

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Reply Sol, 05 Dec 2017

Nether is practically a God. She doesn't have the fighting strength the Origins had, but she has many other useful powers. She channeled some of her power into that Mask to allow her to shape shift into the Fortuneteller and used that form to foretell the Prophecy. Which is why she asked Kratos to forgive her, for it was her prophecy that led to Kratos going down the path of darkness, saying she only did it to save the world back on Chapter 36 - Page 49.

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