Chapter 5 - Page 2

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Reply Sol, 10 Nov 2007

This page looks good. The look on Lone's face here is awesome. So yeah, that's what the Spirit Slash does. This page really goes back to that theme that CPD pointed out (I think it was CPD) that he's telling the story to someone. That happens throughout Part 1, you'll see why early into Part 2.

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Reply K.K., 10 Nov 2007

This... page... was such a pain to figure out. Sol's descriptions always describe emotions that I can't figure out how to draw! Haha, he'll figure it out and just give me flat descriptions in the future.

I semi-don't like this page, but it came out okay.

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Reply CPD, 14 Nov 2007

He, he. ^-^
He looks evil.

Reply K.K., 15 Nov 2007

He is. Sol likes his protagonists like he likes his Coffee - Dark and filled with the Souls of those who made it.

Poor Starbucks Baristas never saw it coming.

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