Chapter 5 - Page 3

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Reply Sol, 10 Nov 2007

To the victor goes the spoils. Lone obtains the Devil's Necklace for himself.

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Reply K.K., 10 Nov 2007

Yet I like this page.... >.> I don't know whys~

The cloak came out awesome in the second panel... >.< the color scheme of the cloak is actually pretty rough at times.

User's Comments:

Reply amjam, 16 Nov 2007

Doo-da-da-diiiiii! *holds above head*
You found the Devil's Necklace!

I think it looks nice. :D Also, is he going to burn Sypher with it or something?

Reply K.K., 16 Nov 2007

Nah, but it gives him a +4 in speed, and the auto-regen and unlimited Mana-burn techniques. He can also now gets an experience boost, and the "burst" attack pattern.

Reply CPD, 16 Nov 2007


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