Chapter 5 - Page 6

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Reply Sol, 18 Nov 2007

That's right, that "Demon" was actually Sypher. In other words, Lone is even more insane.

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Reply K.K., 18 Nov 2007

Wait, he was?!

Jeez, this story is so confusing

Reply Sol, 19 Nov 2007

It seemed pretty obvious to me O.o. I thought people would figure it out on Page 4. Witch Girl figured it out last page.

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Reply jaffar255, 22 Nov 2007

I noticed Witch Girl said that maybe it was the necklace. I think it's because he takes the soul of whoever he kills. Splitter was obviously insane and evil so maybe now his soul is sorta controling Lone. Just a guess. *shrugs*

Reply Sol, 23 Nov 2007

An interesting theory. However, I would like to point out that Lone's ability is to absorb the souls of murdered innocents. He can't absorb the souls of those he defeats.

Reply jaffar255, 23 Nov 2007


Reply amjam, 23 Nov 2007

I figured it out right when he said "Master". XD I was like, "Oh so the necklace turned Sypher into a demon because of some weird 'demon general transformation power' or is Lone high off of blood?"

Reply Sol, 23 Nov 2007

Not to mention that Splitter's soul was destroyed by Spirit Slash XD. So yeah, Splitter has nothing to do with it. As for what the real reason is, I won't say. It will be revealed mostly next page.

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 24 Nov 2007

ROFL No way, I was the only one who figured that out? 8D

But... it was the necklace, wasn't it?

Aw, I'd like to give something to you on my b-day, but I was too busy in school... (FYI, November 23 was yesterday here... XD)

Reply Sol, 24 Nov 2007

*looks at your profile* Oh! Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed it, even if it was during a school day.

Reply amjam, 24 Nov 2007

Hallucinating, woot?
Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. D: I missed your birthday!! What do you want?

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 26 Nov 2007

Owo Aw, tis alright everyone. No gifts are needed for me. ^^;

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