Chapter 5 - Page 8

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Reply Sol, 26 Nov 2007

Lone finally manages to see Sypher clearly.

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Reply K.K., 26 Nov 2007

There are more lines in the background, like they're coming out of a ripple in a pond... but i was stupid and made them black too so that didn't work...

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Reply amjam, 28 Nov 2007

Come out of where? The illusions in your head?

... oh, yesterday at school these two seniors had an EPIC STARING CONTEST in the computer lab... 20 full minutes straight without blinking or breaking line. We had to call it off at 20 minutes because one of them had to go home... It was pretty ill. And they yelled in pain when we finally counted down and they closed their eyes on 20 minutes. I imagine they had sight like this for a little while. XD

Reply K.K., 28 Nov 2007

It's too bad that the human eye can't actually stay open that long... the most likely scenario is that they blinked so fast that nobody saw it... Either that, or it wasn't anywhere near 20 minutes.

For me to believe something like this, I'd need video. And even then, the chance of editing is high...

Sigh... doesn't it always feel like the further along you get in school, the stupider you act? Freshmen don't do half the crazy stuff seniors do.

Reply amjam, 28 Nov 2007

I know. But it's not so amazing... I think it's just a fact of life that when we're little, we want to be older and more mature, and once we've matured we realize there's nothing wrong with having fun.
Me, I'm still definitely in freshman mode. At least our class isn't a bunch of cocky kids who're just so awesome because they're finally in highschool. D<

Are you sure it can't possibly? We were a group of about thirteen, all in a circle around them. I guess it is possible... they were definitely forcing their eyes open, and their eyes broke out and watered eventually. I suppose, though, that there must be a specific time limit for how long you can keep them open. I'll have to look that up. ^^
We were kicking ourselves afterwards, because we were surrounded by iMacs and no one thought to turn on a webcam. I'm convinced after seeing it; I don't think I need anyone else to believe it, especially because it's not as interesting unless you were there - but I am wondering how they could possibly have blinked that fast.
-runs off to learn more about the human body-

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