Chapter 5 - Page 9

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Reply Sol, 26 Nov 2007

I'm sure most of you have been wondering how Helen got there as well. It's a pretty simple answer, but it's explained next page.

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Reply K.K., 26 Nov 2007

I'm really glad that these few pages have been pretty simple... I'm in no shape to be drawing a whole ton at the moment.

In other news, I do have a few special pages for upcoming holidays, as a gift for Sol and the rest of you, so look forward to it. That's an order.

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Reply K.K., 30 Nov 2007

Another semester, another round of finals. Anyways, I'm not really sleeping tonight, so just stockpiling a few weeks worth of comics~

I have around 2 weeks worth of comics drawn and sent off to Sol, as well as my aforementioned holiday gift (yeah, obvious what it is, but whatever)

The story really starts to pick up soon, which is great. I REALLY like the drawing that's coming about 2 weeks from now, so that's good...

Reply CPD, 30 Nov 2007

I hope Sypher doesn't get into too much trouble.

Looking foward to the pages in 2 weeks. :D

Reply amjam, 30 Nov 2007

Aven fanservice? -hopeful teenage girl voice tone whine thing-

Reply Sol, 30 Nov 2007

@ CPD: actually, I think the page in which K.K. refers to is a bit longer than two weeks. He got a bit confused, he originally forgot to send me Page 13. Still, the next few pages are pretty nice. I'm basically holding out 7 pages from you guys right now, muahaha!

Reply K.K., 30 Nov 2007

And I'm holding even more pages than Sol, hehehe...

Yeah, go figure... I just drew so many in a row that I forgot how many I did =S

Reply K.K., 01 Dec 2007

Haha, was looking back and noticed that I said that I was watching MONSTER back on 4 - 21....

Yeah, I FINALLY finished, and it is pure awesome.

Reply amjam, 01 Dec 2007

Looks cool!

Reply K.K., 01 Dec 2007

Haha, I thought it was time for a change

I actually sent it to Sol, but he hasn't put up that OR the next 2 weeks of comics yet... (he usually puts them up then marks them to automatically show on schedule) so I just put it up myself. For some reason, Sol's blocked me from just uploading the comics myself... *shrug*

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