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Reply K.K., 21 Aug 2018

I saw a few days ago that there were over 500 forest fires in British Columbia. 500! Many started by campers? Who's out there camping?! It's so hot, and now the air quality's all the way up to "unhealthy."

It doesn't look THAT bad from my window, I can almost see "blue" again. It's been looking like that planet from Chronicles of Riddick for the past week out there.

Reply Advertisement, 21 Aug 2019

Reply Sol, 21 Aug 2018

Has it dropped? It was over 600 last I heard. But yeah, it's really bad :/.

It's supposed to rain on Thursday, so here's hoping.

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Reply Captain Ghost, 21 Aug 2018

Yeah, definitely hoping for rain, the air quality index has been so out of whack. No blue to be found here... Don't like it at all -- was out very briefly the past couple of days and just. Gross. Disgustinggg. Stay safe, you guys;;

(really digging the colours/effects on this page, they turned out really nicely methinks

Reply Sol, 22 Aug 2018

I agree, really fits with what's going to be said next.

Reply Sol, 23 Aug 2018

Oh, and speaking on air quality index... apparently breathing our air right now is equivalent to smoking 7 cigarettes a day o.o. It's as bad as 18.9 cigarettes a day if you're in Prince George.

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