Chapter 5 - Page 12

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Reply Sol, 02 Dec 2007

A bit of the secret about how Lone became so much stronger all of a sudden when fighting Splitter is being revealed.

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Reply K.K., 02 Dec 2007

Not at all showing why he got stronger, just explaining how he couldn't...


if you guessed "every time, and you're forced to go put it in," you'd be right!

1 week in to finals down! Only 2 more to go.

I jus' feel like typing a lot. I need to get my mind off things at the moment, I guess. Letsee... today's topic will be... harmonicas. They make whistley sounds, yet only prisoners use them. Why is that? Why not give the prisoners something else? I realize it's because they can't do something with a harmonica, but like if they had a violin, there'd be some stranglin' going on, but still. Why not a Kazoo? the slide whistle thing? A FRENCH HORN!!!

BEST SOUNDING PRISON EVER. This was going somewhere, but now I don't remember...

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Reply amjam, 09 Dec 2007

I like kazoos.

The best prison is the one where they organized the Algorithm March.

Did he absorb her anger?

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