Chapter 5 - Page 13

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Reply Sol, 02 Dec 2007

This mystery will eventually be solved... but not for awhile. Like... not until the end of Part 3.

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Reply K.K., 02 Dec 2007

Yes, I fully realize something got fungled up with lone's outline... O_O Honestly, I have no idea how that happened either.

Ugh, typing a lot in here - I really should start my own blog again, but honestly, when I only had 8 fans on my OLD blog (even though I was always RIGHT on that blog, in retrospect...) there's not much point. My internet-fans are few and far between... Still, I say my writing isn't bad~ Comical, even. Random, definitely. Maybe it's cuz I go on so many tangents, who knows...

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Reply amjam, 10 Dec 2007

I'm your internet-fan, KK. :D

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