Chapter 5 - Page 14

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Reply Sol, 02 Dec 2007

Yeah, I skipped another potential scene here. Traveling scenes are boring anyways.

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Reply K.K., 02 Dec 2007

I honestly thought at first that Sol should be combining some of his pages together so the story moves faster (I mean, he usually goes for one or two panels, when I told him 3 is perfectly fine - not that I'm complaining, less work for me) - but I looked at the storyboards, and yeah... this page doesn't really "go" with any other pages (some seem like they'd fit together, a la battle scenes, but this one... so random)

NOTICE I DID A BACKGROUND FOR ONCE. Well... Semi-background.

I think it's time to point out that a while back I switched how I was coloring it. I don't even remember when (probably the start of Chapter 4) but there is an appreciable difference. It's nice to see that I'm FINALLY learning how to draw again (slash, am getting better - somebody complimented me a while back that my people didn't look "ridiculously unproportional" and frankly, I was quite happy)

User's Comments:

Reply amjam, 12 Dec 2007

Hello, little child. :F where's your mommy?

Reply Sol, 13 Dec 2007

Our fan count has been going up lately, but comment wise it's been pretty quiet with the exception of Amjam...

Reply K.K., 14 Dec 2007

Yay for Amjam <3

Reply amjam, 14 Dec 2007

I'm loved. Woo-hoo! Even if I don't have anything useful to say.

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