Chapter 5 - Page 16

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Reply Sol, 02 Dec 2007

Bad Ass Lone! He looks seriously evil here. Lone has turned into a merciless killing machine that doesn't just kill his opponents, but does it quite brutally now, no matter how weak they are.

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Reply K.K., 02 Dec 2007

I thought you WANTED evil...

How to tell Lone is evil:
1) he monologues.
2) his hair flares out (has anybody else noticed it always flares when he's pissed?!)
3) he stands like Graf from Xenogears (legs together, arms spread apart)
4) he's smiling (he NEVER smiles)
5) Sol likes him more.
6) I color part of his head black, like it's a shadow over him BUT HIS GREEN EYES WILL BE GLOWING

User's Comments:

Reply amjam, 17 Dec 2007

7) He's brutally murdering helpless children (regardless of what species he thinks they are)
8) He's laughing maniacally
9) He has his own boss music. (I was certainly not bored on GarageBand the other day... I'll see if I can upload it for you guys)

Reply CPD, 17 Dec 2007

Take no prisoners!

Reply Sol, 17 Dec 2007

@ Amjam: Boss music? Hahaha, that's awesome, I've got to hear that.

@ CPD: Yay! Someone commenting besides just Amjam again!

Reply Jack14456, 18 Dec 2007

Damn. Been a while since I read the comic. Good job on the evil Lone. He's bad ass, as Sol pointed out.

Reply K.K., 18 Dec 2007

Whoa... sudden influx of comments. Welcome back, guys. Thanks for the 5's (It's all Amjam, isn't it... Anyways, that IS appreciated. Anything to move up that stupid ranking page...)

Boss music... pshhhhh. Lone obviously uses "The One who was Torn Apart" - Id's theme from XENOGEARS. And Shutendoji would have Bowser's theme. Just seems about right.

Reply Deathy, 07 Oct 2008

And they will all die and/or be dead in much,much pain!!

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