Chapter 5 - Page 18

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Reply Sol, 03 Dec 2007

Shutendoji makes his appearance! This is the first meeting between Lone and Shutendoji.

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Reply K.K., 03 Dec 2007

Does anybody know how difficult it is to draw a "crushed body"? There isn't exactly a lot I can do in finding a reference picture...

Yay, Shutendoji shows up! I don't particularly like how he turned out in this picture though

He's leaning over the edge of a building, by the way. He's supposed to be up on top of a building, but it's not a vital story point. Just so you know why Lone may be looking up a lot in the next few pages...

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Reply K.K., 19 Dec 2007

Header Can anybody see what's written in the background of our header? Their heads obstruct some of it, but if you could read it, you'd all notice that it's actually a rather lengthy (and RHYMING) poem about this comic. It's too bad I can't remember for the life of me what the heck it said...

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 21 Dec 2007

SO SORRY FOR BEING INACTIVE Managed to catch up by reading the pages I missed. It's an official WOW, guys. The suspense is killing me!

Damn, Lone's getting more evil than I though. LOL, dark hero, FTW! =O

Reply K.K., 21 Dec 2007

Welcome back.

Reply Sol, 21 Dec 2007

Glad you're liking Chapter 5. Thanks to K.K. merging some pages soon, Chapter 5 will be slightly shorter than the original 45 pages I stated. Which also means I need to finish writing Chapter 6 soon @_@. I'm almost done writing it though.

Reply amjam, 21 Dec 2007

Back from the operating room! Hey guys, glad to see I missed more than I thought I would.

I'm going to reread the comic now. I have free time and don't remember everything.

Yep, I do believe I'm the only one hitting all those ratings for you guys, so I hope you apperchate it.
I love the blood, I think you did this page really well.

Now for my questions (they may as well be rhetorical, because I'm sure you two won't answer me): is he merely hallucinating, or is Shutendoji actually there?, and are the people he's ruthlessly killing being absorbed as well? Will their souls turn on him or taint his blade?

I had another thing to ponder over, but I forgot it. Dang painkiller drugs. If I remember, I'll ask in the future.

Reply K.K., 21 Dec 2007

Shutendoji really is there, and as for the souls, yes, I'm not telling~

You okay? Operating room doesn't sound like a ton of fun...

Reply Sol, 21 Dec 2007

I'm not saying too much about the souls. Just how the souls affect Lone exactly will be revealed in Chapter 6. But Lone can't absorb souls of those he kills, so that answers your second question.

Reply amjam, 21 Dec 2007

Well, thanks for answering the not-so-plot-involved stuff, guys. :<

Yeah. XD I think I've been whining about it too much, but on Tuesday I went in for a knee operation. I tore my meniscus on both knees, so I basically can't walk in any way for quite a while.
Upside - pity gifts from relatives and neighbors over the holidays. XD

Back on topic, though, I was thinking for a moment that Shutendoji was an illusion or something. Or maybe I had him confused with Splitter. -shrugs-

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