Chapter 5 - Page 19

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Reply Sol, 03 Dec 2007

Yeah..... not much going on in this page. But Lone had no idea who he was, so I had to have him introduce himself.

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Reply K.K., 03 Dec 2007

I like the "looking up" panel. Anime style speedlines

Reply K.K., 18 Dec 2007

Merry Christmas! Tune in tomorrow for a little Xmas present~

User's Comments:

Reply Jack14456, 23 Dec 2007

Shutendoji, you bastard!

Reply Pandachu, 24 Dec 2007

. . . hmmm . . . As I was reading the last few pages, I thought "Holy crap, what if it's just an illusion?!" Ummm, but it's really awesome, can't wait for the next update! ^ ^ +fav

Reply Sol, 24 Dec 2007

yay! New fan!

We've been getting quite a few new fans lately. It makes me happy. Thank you for commenting, despite all of these new fans we've been getting, very few of them actually speak >.<.

Reply amjam, 24 Dec 2007

Yeah, because unfortunately for us Sol and KK appeal to a mass audience of mutes.

I'm digging the page! I agree; the 'looking up' panel is very cool and anime-ish, and we don't see Lone from that angle very often (at least, not without his hood.)
Although... it seems that cut on his face finally healed over. Thank heavens!

Reply K.K., 24 Dec 2007

Didn't heal... I totally didn't notice it's missing XD

I'll fix it later...

Reply jaffar255, 24 Dec 2007

I like this page a lot too, my favorite panel would be That demon guy who has a hard to spell name. He looks pretty damn cool there. Great job KK, and the story just keeps getting better Sol.

sorry for the recent absense of my comments, I've been very busy D:

Reply Sol, 24 Dec 2007

Thanks for the compliment, Jaffar. Yeah, I feel TLS gets better as it goes along. And Part 2 is where the rest of the cast is introduced, and I know a lot of you, especially K.K., are looking forward to some new regular characters.

Reply CPD, 24 Dec 2007

TLS is gaining more depth in every page, and I'm lovin it!

Keep up the good work guys!

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