New Years 2008

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Reply Sol, 03 Dec 2007

By the time you're reading this, I'm working a hellacious schedule. I work 12 hour shifts. I am working 5 nights in a row (graveyard shift), then I get two days off, then I work five nights in a row again. It was originally worse. Originally it was six nights, one day off, five nights. And I had 10 days off near Christmas. Now I work one of those 10 days instead, so it's not as bad here. I'm going to be dead and insane by the time I get through these shifts @_@.

Happy New Years, everyone! Only a few more months of Part 1 and then the REAL story can begin.

*cough* yes, very little of the actual plot is in Part 1 <.<. It basically sets up everything.

I quite like Maeva. You wouldn't know it yet, but there is actually a lot more to her than just a Kratos fangirl. Unfortunately, I don't know when I'll be able to fit another appearance of her. She'll get plenty later, but not for awhile.

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Reply K.K., 03 Dec 2007

Happy new year... if you're Chinese, your new year is a while away, but dammit, celebrate now! I'm Chinese, and I celebrate "the solar new year" a lot more than the lunar one... since at least the solar one WORKS WITH MY CALENDER...

No, that was NOT too much outrage over a trivial matter!

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Reply Jack14456, 01 Jan 2008

Happy New Year, both of you.

Reply amjam, 01 Jan 2008

I've been reading too much Saiyuki. I saw her outfit and went "Who? @_@" but now I remember her. XD

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