Chapter 59 - Page 3

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That's a bad case of pink eye. Maybe some eyedrops?

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Reply K.K., 22 Nov 2018

I know that Saizo's eyes are a result of demonic possession, but it reminds me of Red Eye from the first episode of Cowboy Bebop.

(Crap, am I ever old).

Hope you Americans had a good turkey day - it sure did mess up all the TV schedules. I think holiday programming might very well be the worst. Are there ANY good holiday shows that ever get played? Not only are the yearly holiday shows usually terrible (I'm looking at you, Christmas programming) but it usually also bleeds over to the regular TV shows, where the cast has to have like a terrible life lesson on Thanksgiving/Christmas or a badly done monster of the week on Halloween.

I'm on a tangent. I'm gonna go read a book or something. Since nothing is on TV.

Reply Advertisement, 23 Jul 2019

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