Chapter 60 - Page 4

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Reply K.K., 31 Jan 2019

Some pages feel more comic-book-y than others, and this is definitely one of them. I always like drawing Kat, for some reason her design is both really clean and somehow easier to draw than other outfits. Not like Masai, Celene or Zelander, who, for some reason or another, I find really complicated to draw.

Probably just a problem with flowy outfits.

Kat is a royal wind ninja, she's totally Naruto.

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Reply Sol, 01 Feb 2019

...I actually designed Kat and her weapons in 2004, which according to the internet was two years after Naruto came out in Japan but I believe was long before him being a Wind Ninja, let alone who his parents were, were even known.

So, just a coincidence :P.

EDIT: Ah, my mistake, the manga started in 1999, the anime started in 2002. Still, I don't think that fact about Naruto was known back then.

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