Chapter 5 - Page 20

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Reply Sol, 19 Dec 2007

Shutendoji will be referring to Lone as "Aven" most of the time. This is in reference to when Aven told Shutendoji that he had infused his power within a young boy. So, he figures that Lone is the new reincarnation of Aven.

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Reply K.K., 19 Dec 2007

Lone got fungled. Sorry.

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Reply amjam, 25 Dec 2007

He looks rather... um... well, anyway, I'm liking the page and I got the Aven thing right away
(thanks to having one of my own characters do exactly the same thing to another. XD yay reincarnation-confusion!) and I have a vague idea what Shutendoji meant, but I'm sure it'll be clarified a bit on the next page when Lone says something along the lines of "What do you mean we're alike? I'll never be like you, scum!" rah rah hero sword rah.

Reply jaffar255, 26 Dec 2007

Yeah, I'm kinda just assuming that Shutendoji means that Aven is infused with Lone so he basically IS Aven. If thats what you said in your [post Sol, my bad. : )

I know you say that you fungled up Lone KK, but as long as he isn't hard to look at or completely crap looking, it's ok with us : D

I mean, he still looks pretty badass.

Reply CPD, 27 Dec 2007

I don't think it's that bad. It makes him scarier looking.

Reply warlife, 27 Dec 2007


Reply amjam, 27 Dec 2007


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