Chapter 5 - Page 21

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Reply K.K., 19 Dec 2007

He's holding the bridge of his nose, because Lone breaking through the panel gives him a headache!

Seriously though, I WILL draw Shutendoji correctly soon! There are lots of closeups for now cuz I drew this while I was working on my school finals, so it's all rather lazy. STILL! This pose wasn't exactly a cakewalk...

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Reply Sol, 19 Dec 2007

I really don't have anything to say about this page... let's see if I can think of something else to talk about.

Ah, I know!

I've been contemplating on adding sort of a new feature to the comic for Part 2 onwards. Basically, I'm contemplating on adding an audio track to accompany each page, which I will post in my newsposts. I'm not good with Sound Effects though, so it will probably just be voice acting.

I plan on posting an audition on another forum where Amateur VA's gather, but if you are interested in voicing a role in The Lone Swordsman, feel free to audition.

I'm mostly looking for someone to play the role of Stephanie Espoir right now. She is a main character, and I would like to use the same voice actor throughout TLS if I can, so if you're interested, keep that in mind.

Here's a bio of Stephanie (I personally like to know more about a character before I VA them)

Stephanie Espoir
Age: 16
Personality: Stephanie is an excellent motivator. While she can't fight like the rest of the group, she is still a welcomed member, as she can encourage people to keep moving no matter how bleak things get. She is wise and mature for her age, but can get jealous at times as well.

Here are some sample lines. Just record these lines and e-mail them to if you are interested.

"Have faith. For where there is faith, there is hope, and where there is hope... there is a way."

"Do you wish to actually save people, or just merely avenge them?"

"Some thing's wrong... We have to hurry back, I sense that he's in danger!"

"It seems this forest isn't a concern for the Demons yet... I feel like the world is safe again when I'm here."

I will most likely be voicing Lone and Sypher myself, however if you would like to try and audition for those, go right ahead. If someone does a better job than me, then they'll get the role.

Here are some sample lines for Lone:

"This blood lust I'm feeling... it's not even mine!"

"I could care less about the history of our clans, but I will defeat you if I have to!

"That's not the first time someone's called me that... just who is this Black Demon?"

"Don't look at me with those eyes!....I said stop looking!!"

And some lines for Sypher:


"Master... I have nowhere else to go. I'm the last Goblin... I want to stay with you, but... if Master doesn't want me around anymore..."

"That's the Queen of Chaos! She created us Goblins!"

"You're going to hit me, aren't you...?"

Other roles will open up as they are available. Although keep in mind I will be competing for each male role myself. I just can't do female roles though :P. Oh yes, Sypher's role can actually be played by either a male or a female.

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Reply amjam, 27 Dec 2007

Sounds VERY interesting! I've done some fandubbing and flash voicework, and I'm always looking to see TLS grow even more!
I'd love to audition for Stephanie, and I'll try Sypher ^^; I hope, regardless of whom is cast, you find a way to make this idea happen.

If you need VAs, try, it's a great forum-based amateur voice talent site. (:

I don't know what you sound like, but it would be funny having you as Lone. XD KK, now, I'd love as Shutendoji or Kratos, but I don't know what you sound like either.

The return of Lone's scar!
and I like the demon king's pose, I think you've done very well with him.

Reply Sol, 28 Dec 2007

Yeah, I'm hoping that having something like that will not only add to the experience, but will draw in more fans too. (Although we've been getting a lot of new fans lately, which makes me happy)

Hmmm, I don't know if K.K. can VA or not. I've never heard him try. If he wants to audition, he can.

Reply amjam, 28 Dec 2007

He just strikes me as the kind of sadistic person who'd enjoy and be good at playing a villain. :P

Yes! There have been a lot of comments lately, I noticed, and I hope more people start voicing their opinions soon.

Reply Sol, 28 Dec 2007

As I finish writing Chapter 6, I found I have room for a side scene that I was hoping to do. What this means is three new parts are open for audition! And that is the remaining three Chaos Generals.

First up is General Reger.

General Reger, nicknamed The Invincible One, tends to act slightly insane, and is a total kamikaze.

Sample lines:

"He hardly compares to my Invincible self!"

"Such drama! Such strife! I'm loving every moment of it!"

"I wonder if this Lone Swordsman can entertain me a little?"

"Pain is such a wonderful feeling, wouldn't you agree?"

Lady Kira is Shutendoji's wife, and is part of the Royal Family. She dislikes Kratos' high and mighty attitude, and distrusts him. Her powers are a complete mystery, but few can stand up to her.

Sample Lines:

"That's Lady Kira to you, Kratos!"

"And just what are you planning on doing, our 'faithful leader'?"

"Your kamikaze style may work for you, but the rest of your Demons aren't invincible!"

"Know your place!"

And finally, Kratos the Manipulator. I will most likely be doing Kratos myself, because he has a very distinct personality that I feel I can capture well. But it's still open for someone to try and beat me.

Sample Lines:

"Is this the best an Ancient can muster?"

"That was only the Prelude to Madness!"

"I'm sure you've all felt it, but General Splitter is dead."

"I, who gave up everything for power, have become the very embodiment of power!"

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