Chapter 5 - Page 22

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Reply Sol, 19 Dec 2007

I really like the point that Shutendoji brings up here. It relates to real life too.

It's basically saying that you can't get outraged when your civilians get killed, and then say it's just to kill our civilians.

Which is the main reason why Shutendoji is accusing Lone of being a hypocrite.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a New Years Special!

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Reply K.K., 19 Dec 2007

I botched up Shutendoji here, but hopefully nobody noticed before I pointed it out...

ANYWAYS! Hope this year went well for you! And if it didn't, remember, at least things have to go up next year, eh? Mebbe at some point, Sol will beautify this page, and we won't have like the "standard" layout...

Are we still a donator comic or what? I never see ours flash across the front page.

Reply Sol, 19 Dec 2007

Yes we are. I see it flash every now and then.

We reached 40 fans! The fan count seems to be going up a lot lately. It makes me very happy. Thanks for the support!

Reply K.K., 30 Dec 2007

I like how our comics look in the thumbnail previews. Not a lot of other comics on SmackJeeves have full color, huh...

Also: The MOST AWESOME TORRENT EVER. I don't care how long it takes these guys to finish it, I must see the rest of this.

Basically, it's a scanlation (Read: Translation) of the Japanese-only "Perfect Works" of Xenogears, from the History, to the Gear Design. If anybody else understood that (and recognizes the greatest game ever created by Squaresoft. PERIOD.) then you're just as elated as I am.

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Reply Jack14456, 31 Dec 2007

So, how does the necklace cause Lone to hallucinate that everyone's a demon? I figure that's what's happenin' considerin' that he just slaughtered an entire town and thought they were demons.

Reply Sol, 31 Dec 2007

Please reference Chapter 5 - Page 7. It was clearly stated that the Necklace was not the cause of his hallucinations.

Reply amjam, 01 Jan 2008

No, it's actually that there are civilian demons as well as civilian humans, right?

Also, I'm not friends with you anymore and I won't comment or rate if you're a downloader, KK. XP Damn bootleggers and losers ruining the industry.

Reply Sol, 01 Jan 2008

If it is technically impossible to buy a translated version of it (as it is the case, since it's a Japanese only thing), then I have no problem with downloading it.

Reply amjam, 01 Jan 2008

Seriously, you can rationalize it away all you want, but it doesn't mean it's a good thing. You choose the way YOU'RE going to hurt the industry, and all I can do is try to teach you why it's doing damage. u_u I'm not your mom, I'm actually younger than you, but seriously. People need to grow up. Live without it, or buy it from or in Japan. Don't sink down to illegaly downloading. I'm sure the creators of everything you steal without permission and without paying for it appreciate it and value you as a "fan"

Reply Sol, 05 Jan 2008

Thanks, but this plot twist is nothing compared to some of the ones that will be in Part 2.

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