Chapter 5 - Page 23

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Reply Sol, 19 Dec 2007

The start of the merged pages. And the official reveal of the twist that Lone has just murdered a lot of humans. Although I'm sure most of you figured it out right away. I may have thrown you with that last page though <.<. That was the aim, anyways.

Since people still seem slightly confused, let me fully explain it. His hallucinations are just due to the souls. It has nothing to do with the Necklace.

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Reply K.K., 19 Dec 2007

Admit it. You wouldn't be able to tell that it's a merged page unless we told you. I think it gets the point across fine and doesn't detract from the comic at all, other than making it finally go faster!

By the way, the body on the ground? YEAH. That blonde kid from earlier seems to be back and dead again. That kid really sucks, he needs to try surviving some. Or Sol needs to stop killing blonde kids, i dunno

Reply Sol, 19 Dec 2007

*bursts out laughing*

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Reply amjam, 02 Jan 2008

It's cooler merged. :P

That kid is so awesome. there should be a "Dead Blonde Kid Fanclub" or something.

Anyway, demons are ALWAYS evil in the world of TLS? just wanting to clear this up. There aren't like, 'demon villages' where civilian demons are normal and innocent?

Reply Sol, 02 Jan 2008

No, Demons aren't ALWAYS evil. Although this won't become evident until much later. Like... Part 4.

And there are Lesser Demons. Shutendoji only mainly said what he did to mess with Lone's reasoning. Since Lone's reasoning was kind of messed up.

Reply K.K., 02 Jan 2008

Technically, Sypher be one of those lesser demons.

Reply Sol, 03 Jan 2008

I suppose one could say that... Sypher is a fifth class Demon. Which means he's lower ranked than a normal Demon. Most Elite are third class. Ones with more distinguishable traits are second class (like the Jester Brothers), and the Generals are first class.

Reply K.K., 03 Jan 2008

For those that didn't get that, Sol just said "Yes, KK is right."

But with more words.

Reply amjam, 03 Jan 2008

KK is always right.

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